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Rabid Nerd Productions is an IT and Internet Marketing company in Meadville, Pennsylvania that can:

  • COMPUTER diagnosis and repair: We have A+ certified technicians who can troubleshoot Windows, Android or Apple computers, phones, tablets and laptops
  • NETWORK design, maintainence and troubleshooting: We have Network+ certified technicians
  • WEB design, development, maintenance and integration: We have award winning certified Web Developers, Designers and DBAs with over a decade of experience, including a Webby Award judge who has built websites with millions of members
  • MARKETING review, analysis, guidance and management: We have worked with Google Analytics and Adsense for over a decade, as well as relationships with other top advertising agencies
  • E-COMMERCE implementation and monitoring: Websites we have created have processed tens of millions of dollars in B2B and B2C transactions using payment providers from PayPal to Authorize.Net and even BitCoin

Recent News

DynaWeather Channel available for Amazon Fire TV!

After launching DynaWeather in the Google Play Store for Android devices (phones, tablets, etc.) last year, the DynaWeather Channel was launched in the Amazon Appstore for the Fire TV.

This program was used as the capstone project for my Bachelor's of Science in Informaiton Technology from Western Governors University.

It is different from the Google Play version in that the interface is not a tabbed collection of content, but a continuously scrolling feed of weather data that automatically refreshes.

This format is potentially expanded to other Smart TV platforms that use Android or HTML apps, as the feed is HTML5-based.

DynaWeather Channel for the Fire TV

DISH Network - $50 off plus EXCLUSIVE $20 rebate

$50 off DISH to new subscribers - Plus $20 cash upon installation!

However, we also offer a $20 REBATE via PayPal or Check as soon as your new installation is confirmed!

In order to claim this offer, you must request a unique referral code from us.

How to obtain

How it works - What's in it for us

How it works - We send you a "Refer a friend" code, which you provide before installation. You get $50 credited to your account towards programming UP FRONT (you can typically piggyback this deal ON TOP of other offers DISH has at the time for new customers, from gift cards to free months of premium channels). After installation and when the code has been applied to your account, we get thank you messages from DISH (it doesn't share who used it, which is why we give one code per person). ONCE WE GET THE MESSAGE FROM DISH, WE SEND YOU $20.

What's in it for usWe also get $50 off our bill. We get it at the rate of $5/month for 10 months. We also get a few free moviecertificates from the video on demand. Finally, if we refer 3 people by the end of 2015, we get a FREE XBOX ONE. So $50+free movies+1/3 of an XBOX per referral! $20 to you is our thank you!

So you're going to stop after 3 referrals?

Not necessarily. If this page is up, I'm still sending. My girlfriend is with Dish and I would like to see her get an XBox One as well. After her (who I referred!) I will forward any referral requests to the next person I referred, in order of who was referred and wants referrals of their own (not required). THIS MEANS I MAY HELP YOU GET AN XBOX ONE AS WELL!. HOWEVER - When that day comes, I will update this page to reflect changes to the rebate, as I can't rely on someone else to pay you the additional $20.

This page was updated 9/5/15. I have referred ONE person at this time (my girlfriend) as there are ZERO outstanding referral codes. You will be referral #2 (assuming nothing has happened since 9/5).

This offer is not endorsed by DISH, and DISH is a trademark of Dish Network. This referral is only available to my friends, which is why I request you make a connection to me as someone who likes our page before requesting a referral. My incentivization is to promote the deal in order to achieve the referral goal.

DynaWeather.com Weather App Now On Android!

DynaWeather on Google Play

The DynaWeather.com App allows you to experience the DynaWeather.com website in a fast-loading format, complete with current conditions, forecasts, and radar.

The app is FREE on the Google Play Store and requires no unusual permissions.